10 Reasons why Winter Sailing is Awesome!

10 Reasons Why Winter Sailing is Awesome

You don’t have to be crazy to consider Winter Sailing. In fact, there are many advantages, here are our top 10 reasons to consider a winter weekend getaway:

  • Glorious sunrises which can be enjoyed with a steaming hot mug of tea or coffee without having to get up early.
  • The crisp beauty of Winter sunshine is hard to beat.
  • There is barely anyone else out sailing so you can feel like you are exploring unchartered waters, discovering new lands (and still make it to the pub for dinner).
  • You will encounter fewer stressful stand-on / give-way situations, which is great for new or less confident sailors.
  • There is lots of availability in all the marinas. Instead of having to pre-plan your route in detail, you can sail to whichever marina or harbour takes your fancy and be confident they will be able to accommodate you in the best mooring spot right next to the shore access; no rafting, no tight parks.
  • There’s no queue in the washrooms. And no queue at the fuel dock.
  • No one is watching how you park!
  • For sailing students, winter is the perfect time to take your Yachtmaster exam; there are more night hours available without requiring you to sail all night, quiet marinas are less stressful environments for demonstrating your parking skills and empty cruising grounds offer plenty of space for man overboard recovery drills.
  • Nothing beats coming ashore to a cosy pub with a roaring log fire, to reward yourself for a good day of activity on the water.
  • Discounts. Yacht charter rates are reduced, marina fees are reduced (most sailing courses are also cheaper if you are looking for winter tuition).

If that has persuaded you to consider a winter sailing weekend, check out our latest short notice offers and Winter rates (yes – they are significantly discounted).