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5 Reasons To Charter in The UK

 5 Reasons To Charter in The UK

The UK may not be the first place you think of when planning your yacht charter but actually, chartering in the UK offers many advantages and benefits to the UK-based sailor.

1. A weekend Escape

You can easily arrange a weekend charter in the UK, which simply isn’t feasible if you are looking further afield.

Hamble Point Yacht Charters’ weekend package runs from 4pm on Friday to 5pm on Sunday allowing two nights on board and you can be back in the office / school on Monday morning with none of your precious annual leave allowance used.

With evening handovers available[...]

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Spring Tides

Spring Tides

As the seasons roll on and we embrace Spring, we thought we’d look at Spring Tides and their impact on yacht chartering and sailing.

The first thing to know about spring tides, is they have absolutely nothing to do with Spring!

What Are Spring Tides?

A spring tide or ‘springs’ is a higher than average tide, whilst ‘neaps’ refers to a lower than average tide.  A spring tide occurs roughly every fortnight.

What Causes Spring Tides?

Tides are caused by the gravitational pull generated by the Sun and Moon.

As the moon orbits Earth, twice a month, the Earth, Sun and Moon are all in alignment – and this combined gravitational pull is what causes the larger surges[...]

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Customer Service award winners – February 2018 News letter

It's Official - Our Customer Service is 5 Star

Hamble Point Yacht Charters are thrilled to have been awarded the British Marine Leisure Boating Customer Service Award 2018!

After reading the glowing reviews and feedback left by you, our customers, on Trip Advisor, Google and Facebook and having reviewed our customer service questionnaires, the judging panel selected Hamble Point Yacht Charters to receive this prestigious award in recognition of an exceptionally high quality of customer service and for continually striving to improve services for customers.

The award was presented by the Chair of Leisure Boating, Rob Clark who described us as "An amazing company – clearly focussed on customer service which is so important in our industry.”

Thank you to everyone who has left feedback or completed[...]

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Where to go Winter Sailing in the Solent

Winter Sailing in the Solent

You don’t have to be crazy to consider Winter Sailing. In our last article post  we looked at 10 Reasons why Winter Sailing is awesome.

During winter, only the hardiest of sailors will spend the night at anchor, so if you have been tempted to try a winter sailing weekend, here is the Hamble Point Yacht charters guide to where to go:

East Cowes Marina

East Cowes Marina on the River Medina, Isle of Wight, offers good shelter from passing ferries, and offers stylish washrooms you’d expect in a luxury hotel with underfloor heating and hairdryers provided!

The Lifeboat is a large pub[...]

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10 Reasons why Winter Sailing is Awesome!

10 Reasons Why Winter Sailing is Awesome

You don’t have to be crazy to consider Winter Sailing. In fact, there are many advantages, here are our top 10 reasons to consider a winter weekend getaway:

  • Glorious sunrises which can be enjoyed with a steaming hot mug of tea or coffee without having to get up early.
  • The crisp beauty of Winter sunshine is hard to beat.
  • There is barely anyone else out sailing so you can feel like you are exploring unchartered waters, discovering new lands (and still make it to the pub for dinner).
  • You will encounter fewer stressful stand-on / give-way situations, which is great for new or less confident sailors.
  • [...]
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